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Image: Innit

A few months ago we reported on the development of the Concept Kitchen 2025, a collaborative project between IKEA and numerous scholarly factions. This conceptual design offered the public a conceptual sketch how we could all be engaging with our kitchens in the near future. Digital worktops and ‘smart’ appliances appeared to be the forefront of the cooking experience but now ‘Innit Kitchen’s HQ’ has taken things a step further.

Ever wondered what the perfect roast dinner tastes like?

To achieve the perfect meal would realistically require you to locate the ‘perfect’ chef but what if a computer could do things even better? That’s the idea behind this absurdly elaborate ‘sensor’ operated kitchen which monitors the food while it cooks and amends its behaviour to get the best results.

If you fancy reading into this technology further, we highly recommend checking out this extensive coverage over at Wired. It’s really quite mind boggling!

kitchens art

In other news, it’s only (hold on, let us check)… 48 days till Christmas. The high street appear to be jumping on the yuletide bandwagon early as ever this year so the team at Art of Kitchens thought it best to drop a little forewarning. As a family run business we’re set to be rather busy over the coming weeks so if you wish to invest in our services – get in touch ASAP. You can find our email address here or give us a ring on 01159 20 44 73.

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Behold The Real Simpsons Kitchen

Fandom can be a wonderful thing but sometimes people can take their adoration a little too far. While cosplay and making trips to the real life sets of your favourite films and TV shows can be harmless fun, when your life starts to be consumed by a fictional love – well, maybe it’s time to rethink things. Ah, who are we kidding? This is brilliant…

A Canadian couple who uh, clearly love The Simpsons are currently redesigning their kitchen to match that of the cartoon as close as possible. If you’re going to set out on such a project, you might as well go all the way and try to make it faithful to the source material.

If you can’t remember from the top of your head what The Simpsons kitchen looked like, it’s more or less looked the same as this for over twenty years…

simpsons kitchen

And here’s a video of the Calgary based couple working on the kitchen!

What do you think – a faithful work of fun fandom or just a plain waste of time?

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Cheeky Food Jokes Part Two

You may recall earlier this year we ran a rather cheeky blog post of food jokes. Well, it seemed to go down quite well so we’re doing a follow up… oh don’t sigh, who doesn’t love a rotten joke every once in a while?

Without further ado, let’s kick off the tickles!

  • A sausage and bacon lay in a frying pan. The sausage says “It’s pretty hot here.” The bacon responds…

– Porkin’ ell! A talking sausage!

  • Don’t go bacon my heart, I couldn’t if I fried!

bacon my heart

  • Why did the jam get arrested?

– Because it was in a premature tart!

  • Did you hear about the explosion at the cheese factory?

– There was de brie everywhere!

  • Ramsay’s finest….

ramsay 1

  • Did you hear the joke about the butter?

– I’m not telling you – you might spread it!

  • Accurate Pie Chart


  • Ainsley Oil!


  • Learn to spell!

dog baking

  • You have far too much time on your hands…

thyme on hands

Got any more silly food/kitchen jokes to share with us? Go to The Art of Kitchen’s Facebook and Twitter to share – nothing sexist please!

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Top Five Kitchen Songs

Hey, it’s summer – let’s lighten things up a little! No doubt you’ve already noticed but the kitchens are something of common lyrical trope in pop music. The kitchen is the perfect environment to slap an album or playlist on and soak it in while crafting a mighty fine meal. Anyway, we’ve dug around and come up with five favourite tunes about kitchens you can enjoy this summer. Expect popular favourites and a couple of cult curveballs…

  • UB40 – Rat In Mi Kitchen

While they have long since descended into something of a caricature act, their seventh album Rat in the Kitchen made quite the cultural impact back in 1986 thanks to this classic single. No rats in our kitchens, thank goodness.

  • The Lemonheads – Kitchen

It’s A Shame About Ray remains one of the quintessential indie pop albums of the early 90s and this track is a particular highlight. Evan Dando always had a way of making simple, everyday emotions and perceptions sound profoundly lovely and Kitchen is no different.

  • Dolly Parton – Nine to Five

OK, it’s about work but it does quite make explicit reference to the kitchen – as in stumbling to it. We’ve done that plenty of times and also worked our fair share of nine to five jobs. Despite always being something of a marmite track, there’s no denying the cultural impact left by ol’ Dolly.

  • Band of Horses – Evening Kitchen

A gorgeous acoustic ballad from Ben Bridwell’s wonderful gang of Seattle folk rockers, Evening Kitchen arguably marked the highlight of their hugely polished third album Infinite Arms.

  • Susanne Vega – Tom’s Diner

A diner has a kitchen… shh. Here’s a miscellaneous fact for you, Tom’s Diner is considered ‘the mother of the MP3’ as it was used to develop the compression techniques that resulted in the popular digital format of the 00s.

What are your favourite songs to enjoy around the kitchen? Let The Art of Kitchens know on Facebook and Twitter!

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‘Smart’ Kitchens and iKettles?

tableThe tech world moves pretty fast but sure, you don’t need The Art of Kitchens to tell you that. When 21st century digital tech and kitchens collide, the resulting gadgetry can be quite intriguing. You may have already heard about the Concept Kitchen 2025 which is a fascinating collaborative effort in aid of creating a tangible vision of how we will interact with food in the future. The exhibition marks the result of an 18 month project and is now being displayed at IKEA Temporary in Milan where it was first opened on April 9th.

The idea of digital work surfaces and real-time recipe suggestions based on the food that you place down is certain ambitious but well will it translate into daily life? Only time will tell.

ikettleIn fact, there’s a rather good blog over at The Guardian wherein Rhik Samadder tests out the latest additions to the lucrative kitchen gadget market. As you can imagine, there are some real oddities out there hankering for your attention but rarely do they justify their frequently outrageous price points. With everything moving towards a ‘smart’ orientated era, it’s little surprise that somebody decided to product an ‘iKettle’. Yes, a kettle which will boil water via command from your mobile phone…

Are we really that lazy? Apparently so.

This rather innocuous looking metal  kettle is apparently the world’s first Wi-Fi kettle and guess what? It turns out it’s a bit naff. If the idea of filling up a kettle then sitting down, clicking your phone and having the kettle boil sounds like a phenomenal time saver then we suppose it’s worth the £99.99 entry price but considering the issues poor Rhik had getting it to work in the first place, it’s probably not worth the hassle.

You can read his rather humourous review here.

Do you have any ideas for gadgets that may come handy in the kitchen? What would be in your ideal ‘future kitchen’? Let The Art of Kitchens know on Facebook and Twitter.

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Blast Away The Kitchen Blues

The Art of Kitchens team find it quite disheartening when we hear somebody say they find cooking, or rather spending time in the kitchen at all to be… boring. In our heads, the kitchen is the centre of domestic joy – a place to create, socialise, indulge and relax; how could that possibly be boring?

If you’re suffering from kitchen fatigue, why not consider the following tips and breathe new life into your meal time fun.

  • Chive’ Talking

kitchen dancingEven if you aren’t a huge music fan, having the radio on in the background can still promote a jovial feeling on productivity. We recommend bagging yourself a cheap iPod/Phone dock (you can plug almost anything with a headphone jack into them these days), placing that in your cooking area and cranking it up for some serious tuneful cooking. Stick on your favourite album or rock a playlist together for different meals of the week, not only will it keep you going but it’ll take the tedium out of those long to prepare dishes.

  • Friendly Cooking Fun
kitchen friends

Forgive the naff stock image! Share images of you and your friends enjoying your kitchen with us if you like!

A common trend among university friends is to have a single day of the week where they will all cook together with a different meal plan every time. By taking it in turns to choose a style of dish, the cooking experience is often a learning process and a whole lot of fun. When you’re an adult living alone or with another half, some of this fun can sour so try pitching a day a month to your friends where they can come over and you can all slap up a mad new meal together. This works great with big table buffets – Mexican, Indian, Italian… go wild.

  • Gadgets Galore

photo_8133_20081202When was the last time you used your toastie grill, or how about that smoothie maker that’s now dusted over and gone damp underneath the sink? For goodness sake, you spent money on them; the least you can do is remember they exist. There are plenty of naff cooking gadgets out there but there’s also some spectacular gear which can make cooking a real joy. Dig through your cupboards and see what you find, chances are you own something which can turn in a real treat that you’ve long forgotten about.

Got any fun cooking tips of your own? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ghastly Kitchens

We have built The Art of Kitchens reputation on quality, style and reliability. People may come to us for a number of reasons but the outcome is always the same – great looking, long lasting, high quality kitchens. This means that a lot of the kitchens we approach are either in a state of disrepair or still have the same outdated aesthetic from years gone by. For a bit of bank holiday fun we’ve compiled a list of awful kitchen designs from around the web…

  • The Faux-Tudor Disaster

There’s so much wrong with this kitchen visually we don’t know where to start. It’s like a chaotic mix of vintage British design and pure clutter, 1

  • Retro Pinky

If you’re having a hard time convincing your friends that you REALLY love pink, then this is the kitchen for 2

  • World’s Dirtiest Kitchen?

In case you missed the original story (available here), Michelle from Washington actually hosts dinner parties within this apocalyptic filth pile. Cockroaches and rats are apparently the least of her worries as she whips up a ‘killer’ quiche for friends and 3

  • All In One

If you happen to enjoy cooking from the comfort of your toilet bowl then we recommend this two in one 4

  • Smallest Kitchen Ever?

We’re not sure of the context behind this image but it beings a new meaning to the term ‘wash and go’.kitchen 5

What’s the worst kitchen you’ve ever encountered? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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