Nifty Novelties for Your Kitchen!

Lettuce begin! Before we run out of thyme…

From glitz and gadgets to spicing the place up with quirky new kitchen utensils. Here at The Art of Kitchens we have found all the essential life-saving equipment that will make the heart of the home the most enjoyable room to cook. We have scooped together a handful of fun and thrilling tools that are a must have!

  • Sharky: Tea-Infuser

A floating tea-infuser modelled as a shark fin, this fearsome creature shall roam the dangerous waters of your tea mug releasing streams of fresh brew!

art 1

  • Bogey Yolk: Egg-Separator

Well that’s an unpleasant sight, but funnily enough this snotty chat has proven rather popular. All you have to do is crack your egg in his head there and let his nostrils do the rest… shudder.


  • Salt & Pepper Shakers!

Spice up your life (and food) with these delightful magic wand shakers. Do you have a young food shy Merlin, or witch around the house? It might be time to whip and flick a little magic into their dinner times!


  • Sparta Knife Holder!

Stand down barbarians! For I have the best selection of cooking knives in all of Sparta!



Wine Glass Bottle!

Why bother topping up when you can have the bottle all to yourself?



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