Sizzling Summer Recipes!

Wow, it sure is hot! You know what that means? It’s summer!

To help inspire your summer catering, we’ve compiled a series of video recipes we think will sizzle your socks off!

Everyone knows who Jamie Oliver is right? No need for introductions here! In this video he shows you how to make ‘Mediterranean BBQ Lamb Chops’, it’s a short yet easy to follow video where Jamie leads you along to some amazing food.

James Martin will show you how to make his ‘Ultimate Summer Burger’, it’s a short video yet James will guide you with ease to a mouthwatering summer treat.

Summer just isn’t complete without steak, and the YouTube channel ‘AskMen’ are here to show you how to make the most epic rib eye meal possible! While this video is a tad longer than others on this list, it offers a strong demonstration with clear visual cues and instructions.

Summer is well under way and the smell of BBQ is in the air, but it doesn’t always have to be the scent of burning fat! This wonderful video series offers a diverse range of recipes for those seeking a healthy alternative to the token meat and grease!

Desert is always important and during summer, here are some of the best summer deserts that you should try – the perfect way to end a delightful summer meal.

What are some of your favourite summer BBQ recipes? Let The Art of Kitchens team know on our Facebook and Twitter!

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