Your Dream Kitchen

When it comes to designing your dream home, tough decisions have to be made and some of us have to compromise more than others. So you didn’t get the library, but surely you can have a home cinema?

A quarter of all women long for an AGA in the kitchen, while 12% of men would prefer a wine cellar. As the kitchen continues to be the centre of the home, we’ve rounded up some of the top kitchen items you are asking for.

  • Island Counter

kitchen island

Make cooking a social thing, you don’t have to face the wall while you prepare food. Many islands also double up as handy storage areas and even breakfast bars.

  • More Storage

clever storage

Ever feel like you’ve not got enough space for all your stuff? Clever storage such as the one pictured above could be your solution.

  • Wine Racks


So you don’t have a cellar, doesn’t mean you can’t be a wine conneseuir. Try using some spare wall space to display your wine collection.

  • Big Sinks

big sink

The sort of sink that sits neatly alongside an AGA in a farmhouse style kitchen; this is the kind of kitchen sink people look forward to washing up at. A great tip is to have a cover in the same material as your worktop, so when your sink is not in use it can be used for work space. This also doubles up as a chopping board when you’re using the sink.

  • Colourful Fridges

colour fridge

Add a splash of colour to your kitchen in a place that is often forgotten about: the fridge! If your kitchen is decorated in neutral tones and you don’t want to go overboard with the colour palette, a coloured fridge will brighten the place up.


To find out what we can do for your kitchen, visit our website. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter what your dream kitchen design is!

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