Computer Cooked Chicken? – ‘Innit’


Image: Innit

A few months ago we reported on the development of the Concept Kitchen 2025, a collaborative project between IKEA and numerous scholarly factions. This conceptual design offered the public a conceptual sketch how we could all be engaging with our kitchens in the near future. Digital worktops and ‘smart’ appliances appeared to be the forefront of the cooking experience but now ‘Innit Kitchen’s HQ’ has taken things a step further.

Ever wondered what the perfect roast dinner tastes like?

To achieve the perfect meal would realistically require you to locate the ‘perfect’ chef but what if a computer could do things even better? That’s the idea behind this absurdly elaborate ‘sensor’ operated kitchen which monitors the food while it cooks and amends its behaviour to get the best results.

If you fancy reading into this technology further, we highly recommend checking out this extensive coverage over at Wired. It’s really quite mind boggling!

kitchens art

In other news, it’s only (hold on, let us check)… 48 days till Christmas. The high street appear to be jumping on the yuletide bandwagon early as ever this year so the team at Art of Kitchens thought it best to drop a little forewarning. As a family run business we’re set to be rather busy over the coming weeks so if you wish to invest in our services – get in touch ASAP. You can find our email address here or give us a ring on 01159 20 44 73.

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