Blast Away The Kitchen Blues

The Art of Kitchens team find it quite disheartening when we hear somebody say they find cooking, or rather spending time in the kitchen at all to be… boring. In our heads, the kitchen is the centre of domestic joy – a place to create, socialise, indulge and relax; how could that possibly be boring?

If you’re suffering from kitchen fatigue, why not consider the following tips and breathe new life into your meal time fun.

  • Chive’ Talking

kitchen dancingEven if you aren’t a huge music fan, having the radio on in the background can still promote a jovial feeling on productivity. We recommend bagging yourself a cheap iPod/Phone dock (you can plug almost anything with a headphone jack into them these days), placing that in your cooking area and cranking it up for some serious tuneful cooking. Stick on your favourite album or rock a playlist together for different meals of the week, not only will it keep you going but it’ll take the tedium out of those long to prepare dishes.

  • Friendly Cooking Fun
kitchen friends

Forgive the naff stock image! Share images of you and your friends enjoying your kitchen with us if you like!

A common trend among university friends is to have a single day of the week where they will all cook together with a different meal plan every time. By taking it in turns to choose a style of dish, the cooking experience is often a learning process and a whole lot of fun. When you’re an adult living alone or with another half, some of this fun can sour so try pitching a day a month to your friends where they can come over and you can all slap up a mad new meal together. This works great with big table buffets – Mexican, Indian, Italian… go wild.

  • Gadgets Galore

photo_8133_20081202When was the last time you used your toastie grill, or how about that smoothie maker that’s now dusted over and gone damp underneath the sink? For goodness sake, you spent money on them; the least you can do is remember they exist. There are plenty of naff cooking gadgets out there but there’s also some spectacular gear which can make cooking a real joy. Dig through your cupboards and see what you find, chances are you own something which can turn in a real treat that you’ve long forgotten about.

Got any fun cooking tips of your own? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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